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Each of the nine points on the symbol corresponds to one personality type. Everyone in the world is one of these nine types. Though people can grow and transform during their lives, a person's type never changes. The system describes the nine different default behavior mechanisms that humans develop as a way of coping with growing up. Learning a few simple concepts—centers, wings, arrows, passions—will get you started.

The nine types are divided into Three Centers. Three types are centered in the Heart, three are centered in the Head and three are centered in the Belly. Those in the Belly are referred to as body-based types.

Types on either side of a person's own type are called Wings. Each type will share some of the characteristics and perspectives of the Wings on either side at certain times and to varying degrees of intensity.

A key aspect of the system is the fluid movement of energy around the symbol along the lines that connect the types together. These lines are referred to as Arrows by most authors.At certain times we "go to" the types connected to our own type by the lines on the diagram, meaning that we then behave in certain ways like the type pointed to by the arrows.

Each type has a "Passion" associated with it. Each passion is based on the most common emotional concern or issue of that type. And each type is initially unable to grasp the lessons that their type's passion has to teach them about their own life. Striving to understand, resolve, and integrate the dilemma the passion presents in your life is the dynamic that leads to personal growth.

Understanding the passion of each type is the key to understanding the motivations and actions of that type. It is also the key to the greatest gift that the Enneagram offers--the wonderful transformation that occurs in people's lives through its study.



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