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What is the "automatically log me in" option in the login form?

The "automatically log me in" option will remember your username and password from the computer that you logged in from and will allow you to automatically login the next time you visit our website.

This feature will only work if you allow session cookies to be stored in your computer from our website. Note that when you close your web browser, you will be prompted to login for security purposes. For more information on session cookies, please consult your web browser's Help option.

Why can't I login?

You may be using the wrong username and password combination. First thing to do is lookup your username and password via our Forgot Password and/or Username form. Please know that we do not have access to your password. When we say that we take your privacy seriously, we mean it. If you can't recall your password a new one will be sent along with your username to the email address you registered with.

If you are still unable to login with your username and password, double check to make sure that you have "cookies" enabled in your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, etc.). Our website uses "session cookies" to track access to our various features.

How can I edit my login, email address, gender, city, state, zip code, and birth date?

To edit your account information, use our Edit Account form.

I am currently in a committed relationship. Do I have to create a profile to take the Enneagram Test?

No. You are not obligated to create a profile. Profiles are primarily for people seeking compatible mates or partners and some people are just looking for friends or people to study the Enneagram with. In the future, we may extend the use of profiles to build online communities of people who share similar interests. But you are under no obligation to create a Profile to take our Enneagram test to learn more about who you are and about others who are important to you.

The Enneagram type that I was given does not match me at all. How can I retake the Enneagram test?

No personality test can be 100% accurate. Often when we learn about ourselves we are surprised! While it's true that the test may not have identified your type accurately, it's often a great place to start. Before you retake the test, we suggest that you click on the link Confirm Your Type that's on the page that gives you your test results and on your home page. Read about your type and take several days to let it sink in and notice if you do have some of those characteristics.

Certainly you can retake the Enneagram test anytime if you do not think that the Enneagram type resonated with who you know yourself to be. You can retake the Enneagram test by first logging back into our website and clicking on the Retake test link.

I already know my Enneagram type. How can I change it in my Profile?

You can edit your Enneagram type after your Profile has been approved, by using our Edit Profile form, which can be accessed by clicking on the Edit Profile link in your EnneaMatch.com homepage after you login to our website.


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